Record Me Lets You Leave Verbal Messages for Other Household Members

 - Feb 13, 2012
References: yankodesign
In a house full of people, the sticky note system of leaving memos for others is not always reliable. Technology can do a better job with this sort of thing, and Record Me proves it.

There is no risk of your message getting misplaced with Luc van Hoeckel's device; in fact, since all reminders are stored in the same place, you'll know that you've absorbed all information of interest. Up to twelve tiny lights blink and glow to bring your attention to unheard recordings, which you can effortlessly digest and delete faster than you can get your Post-It into the recycling.

All tangible interactions involve either the rotary dial or the central button. The former helps you to choose a station and the latter allows you to listen or tape. Record Me's final benefit is the expression of speech intonation, plus the sound of your familiar voice negates the need for any spoken signature.