- Jul 29, 2011
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By Gizmo Gladstone from HP’s TheNextBench

HP’s TouchPad is a tablet that’s capable of a lot - hundreds of apps are already available for the device, and the webOS developer community continues to add more. The potential seems limitless. For instance, imagine using a TouchPad as a game controller for your PC! That’s exactly what we were doing during Comic Con earlier this month.

This free-to-play game is a futuristic version of Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots. All you’ll need is a TouchPad and a nearby computer set to the World Robot Boxing League (WRB.com) page. For the upcoming film Real Steel, an exclusive promotional app is on the way that lets you use the TouchPad to control the on-screen action of a cybernetic slap-fight happening on your PC.

Let me try and break this down for you. Remember that classic Nintendo game Punch-Out that has you ducking and weaving to take down guys like Bald Bull and Piston Hurricane? 42 Entertainment President Justin Pertschuk says that’s the vibe that they were going for when they designed this single-player game based on the upcoming robotic boxing movie.

The engine powering this gives you a pretty solid experience inside your Web browser, but here’s where it gets cool: You’re picking the punches, ducking and dodging with the TouchPad while the action happens on your PC. As you’re doing the fighting, the tablet’s display also gives you instant feedback on how the fight’s going, tracking fight stats ...

You know, let’s skip the tale of the tape and get to the video of how Real Steel works on the TouchPad.

The Exclusive Real Steel TouchPad app should be available for download in the app store soon.

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