The Radio Anechoic Chamber by Alastair Philip Wiper Boasts Blue Spikes

 - Jun 19, 2013
References: alastairphilipwiper &
There may be a surreal quality to the Radio Anechoic Chamber photo series, yet the images have not been manipulated in any way. What at first appears to be an optical illusion, as though blue pencil crayons have been made to look like giant spikes, is in actuality the walls and ceiling of a particular room.

Shot by Alastair Philip Wiper, an English photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Radio Anechoic Chamber photo series takes place at the Denmark’s Technical University. It captures where the European Space Agency tests microwave antennas for use in satellites and mobile networks among other things. In the past, such rooms were black but have since been colored blue for more cheer.