Quirky Risers Assist in Elevating You for Hard-to-Reach Jobs

 - Aug 3, 2012
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As a person who falls within a category of vertically challenged individuals, I can see the value in these Quirky Risers. They're not the sorts of leg extensions you might choose to don in everyday life but they would prove remarkably useful in more efficiently accomplishing tasks around the house.

At over 37 centimeters in height, this stout set of stilts gives you a significant vertical advantage for reaching light fixtures, crown molding, cobwebs and overhead cabinets. The pair of them can help you clean, paint and organize your home, all the while enabling you to keep agile footing with your shoes or socks strapped into one footstool each.

They may appear to be inconveniently bulky but, where it concerns storage, the Quirky Risers can be stacked one inside the other, filled with items and stowed away.