The 'Knut' Smart Water Monitor Helps Protect Your Home

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: amperic & kickstarter
The 'Knut' smart water detector has many features that allows users to protect their home. The water monitor acts as an all-in-one, Wi-Fi-connected solution for homeowners by sensing humidity, temperature and detecting water.

Knut works perfectly for multiple homeowners who want to make sure their properties steer clear of water damage. The palm-sized monitor can be used for areas prone to flooding and near water heaters. All alerts detected by Knut will be immediately relayed to users via the Knut app. Knut is also great for renters or landlords who wish to keep a watchful eye on properties without the hassle.

The Knut is not only useful during times of damage, but is never inactive and is constantly tracking its environment. The device is activated magnetically and only takes a few seconds to react.