The Pro Smart Repeater Will Boost Your WiFi Signal by 1.5 Miles

 - Oct 25, 2011
References: ampedwireless & gizmodo
There's something comforting about arriving home to be welcomed by the soothing bathe of a familiar, reliable WiFi network, all your devices sync and update flawlessly, and the people behind the Pro Smart Repeater know this all too well.

The number of times I've moved my laptop from the den to the kitchen only to have my video stream needlessly die are too many to count. Imagine if your wireless network stretched on for miles! Well, with the Pro Smart Repeater, you'll be able to extend your private Internet space for over 8,000 feet (1.5 miles) -- that's far enough to include your local cafe, library and park. Imagine checking your email while waiting for a typically endless line at the grocer's to move forward or revising some work documents while sipping on your morning coffee. For $180, it's a heck of an arrangement!