The Present Modular Shelving by Mocoloco Targets Small Spaces

 - Dec 6, 2013
References: kickstarter & trendir
The Present Modular Shelving is made for "active lives in smaller spaces, with portable computing devices and portable transportation devices--skateboards and scooters--and a special place for our prized objets d'art and gadgets," states the designers." Although this may sound like a very specific demographic, it can be argued that almost all modern individuals fall in this category.

Designed by Mocoloco, the Present Modular Shelving consists of a pair of brass plated rails and three solid walnut shelf elements ranging in shape. One takes the form of a cubby, another a traditional shelf and the last a rail. Great for front entrances the Present Modular Shelving also comes with two hooks that can be used for coats.