The 'Poverty in the US by the Numbers' Infographic is Fascinating

 - Jul 15, 2012
The 'Poverty in the US by the Numbers' infographic takes an in-depth look at those living in poverty in the USA. With a 15%, or 46.2 million (bigger than the entire population of Canada), living below the poverty rate in the United States, this is a huge issue that is especially going to be playing a huge role in the upcoming Presidential election.

With a focus on redistributing wealth to the middle and lower classes of America, the election has shaped up to be hugely economically focused thus far. Of those who are living below the poverty rate, 11.7% of the whole poverty rate are families with children. There is also a huge gap between the races that have been found to be living below the poverty rate -- definitely a problem that will no doubt be argued about and debated during the election.

Overall, what the Poverty in the US by the Numbers infographic has found is that poverty is a prevailing situation for many, and targets certain people more than others.