Obama, Clinton and McCain Politkinis

 - Apr 29, 2008
References: Politikini
"Wear what you think" is the motto; "get behind your favorite candidate" is the action. Contrary to plain Jane politcal slogan T-shirts, buttons or hoodies, swimwear with a message is new and fashionable. Therefore, Politikini launched the Obama, Clinton and McCain swimwear line to meet the demand for political fashion.

Fashion has always been used to express beliefs, ideals, and the convictions of the wearer.

"People want to show what their viewpoints. But merchandise available now is far too unhip to wear. I wanted to create something that is attractive," says designer Antonia Serrell-Watts, hoping that the bikini line will raise awareness for young people to become politically more involved and vote.

"It's a simple fact that there are over 42 million voters between 18 and 30 years old and they are constantly looking for trendy ways to communicate what you think is right."