"Poker Teaches Survival Skills"

 - Sep 20, 2007
References: pokernews
Arizona State University students looking for poker action have found their fix online and in private tournaments. In Pennsylvania, the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity holds an annual March Madness tournament as well as regular private events. No one seems worried that the risky behavior is leading to addiction.

There is no proactive discouragement to student gambling; in fact, according to Harvard University Professor, Charles Nesson, “Poker's history in America dates back to the mid-1800's, but has experienced a recent spike in popularity due to the televising of tournaments," Poker News quoted.

"It is a hobby to many, a job to some and it can be, in the proper context, an excellent learning tool to teach children a number of different skills. Though just a game, poker teaches survival skills and encourages the development of good instincts. A good poker player learns to size up the competition quickly and decide where potential risks lie."

Maybe this will inspire someone to write, "Parents Anti-Texas Hold'em Strategy For Dummies."