This Plug-In Housing Aims to Minimize Energy Costs for Homes

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: solardecathlon-paris & gizmag
A team of French designers and architects have come up with a concept design for a sustainable plug-in housing structure. 'Live-Lib,' the concept for a two-part residential building, consists of small capsule-like homes that provide privacy to their tenants even while their utilities such as electricity and water are managed by city authorities.

The concept has a central hub tower which contains systems for electricity, energy production, ventilation, water and waste management, with related expenses managed by the city.

The outside of the hub buildings feature ports where individual capsule-like homes can be plugged in. These capsules would be the property of their resident owners. However, inhabitants of these capsule homes would share services provided by the hub through a plug exchange whose usage would be monitored so that residents are charged fairly according to their use of resources.

The plug-in housing concept is designed to provide privacy to tenants while making use of sustainable communal resources to minimize energy usage and related costs.