Plen The Skating Robot- Skates Better Than You Ever Will

 - Jan 9, 2007
Dude! You're a gun at Tony Hawk on your PSP but can you shred for real and show the neighbourhood kids your shredding skillz? No? Try sending in Plen, the skating robot from Japan as your proxy. Plen apparently is a mere 9" tall but has got some serious balancing kudos on either a plank or a pair of traditional style roller skates, Xanadu style. He can push himself along, go backwards- and normal robot stuff like pick up inanimated objects like cubes, balls and olivia newton john..and can be controlled thru a PC interface or via bluetooth. Can your Aibo do that!

Apparently he's available from Japan to buy for under 3 grand. Check the site out below, but have your translator handy..