The Plantae System Provides Patterned Shadows and Privacy for Outdoor Use

 - Jun 1, 2012
References: stefanomerlo &
Here we have an alternative to the finicky beach umbrella. It's called the Plantae System. Each piece packs flat, lets the breeze pass through and can be easily moved about as the sun traverses the sky.

Stefano Merlo's partition concept earned him an honorable mention at the 6th International Outdoor Furniture Contest due to its economy, effectiveness and its aesthetic appeal. The collection comprises four different modules in various soft geometric shapes, stiffened by aluminum frames and webbed with patterned polypropylene screens. The rackets are cheap and simple to manufacture and the boast the benefits of being completely weatherproof.

The long firm stalks of the Plantae System shades give them the appearance of two-dimensional trees. They're designed to be lodged into the ground for stability to block harsh rays to a desired spot outside.