'Pl(a)ywood' by Silvia Knuppel Can Be Arranged in Multiple Ways

 - Jan 9, 2012
References: silviaknueppel & design-milk
Pl(a)ywood by Silvia Knuppel might look like a chest of drawers, but it actually has no inner workings. Instead, it is made up of a stack of loose plywood boards, shaped in such a way that takes on the silhouette of a classic chest. Nevertheless, the German designer ensures that potentially every inch of it could serve a purpose, unlike other traditional pieces of furniture.

Since the plywood can be separated in different ways, Pl(a)ywood by Silvia Knuppel creates a design that makes use of its every inch. For instance, the "chest" can be divided altogether to become two different tables or the individual boards can be randomly arranged to allow for more surface space. Made up of a 38 layers, it is a playful furniture piece, hence its name.