Pit Stoppers Are Nose Plugs That Keep Fluids In

 - Feb 22, 2009
References: translate.google
I’m not sure which is worse, a runny nose or one that’s completely stopped up. If you’re inclined to think the former, you may be interested in the Pit Stopper. It’s a nose plug that keeps water (and, um, other stuff) in instead of keeping water out!

Evidently, pollen season is a big problem in Japan, although I’ve been there at that time of year and didn’t have any issues. Many people there wear masks to try to cut down on their exposure. However, the masks aren’t typically very effective and are obviously very noticeable, so I guess these nose plugs were invented to tackle those problems.

If I had severe pollen allergies, I might be tempted to try the "Nose Mask Pit" instead, which is basically a filter instead your nose instead of a stopper. Neither would seem to be very comfortable though!