Pen+Sprayer Allows Users to Jot Notes on the Hand

 - Jun 3, 2012
References: yankodesign
This Pen+Sprayer is the perfect invention for times when there is a dire need to jot down information such as a phone number.

Most people have tried scribbling down some sort of information on the palm of their hands, but after a few good sweats, all that's left is a dirty smudge of nothing. Pen+Sprayer users no longer have to endure such loss.

One end of the pen is a spray that inks the skin with a gray marking, which comes off like a sticker. Paper is not always available, and the Pen+Sprayer preserves those bright ideas that pop into the mind while sitting on the toilet or on the run. It was designed by He Siqian, Zhang YaKun, Mu Zhiwei, Zhu Ningning, Hui Zhou and Te-Ning Hang.