The Pattern of Growth Sauna Exposes Every Feature of its Arboreal Sources

 - Jan 13, 2013
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The Pattern of Growth Sauna offers the sensory experience that most heated rooms of its type do; however, Eberhard Waldenmaier has gone further to ensure that the aesthetics of the chamber received a great deal more attention than usual.

The lovely lumber that you can smell and feel when inside of this sort of steamy setting is seldom given respectable treatment. The wood is too often cut into very slender planks so that you cannot properly appreciate the texture.

Fechner GmbH & Co. KG harvested 100-year-old trees to produce this magnificent sauna, so it was a priority to showcase its beautiful natural features. Nice broad panels of the pale timber make up the walls of the Pattern of Growth Sauna. You can see every dark knot and the elegant wood grain around you, above you and beneath you in the adjustable seats.