Inka Mathew Matches Small Objects with Pantone Color Swatches

 - Apr 20, 2014
References: greeninkstudio & designtaxi
Graphic Designer Inka Mathew creatively infuses small, everyday objects with Pantone color swatches to create modern art. Once she finds the perfectly matched pair, she snaps a photo with her iPhone, edits them with Snapseed and posts them online. The collection of playful snaps is called 'Tiny PMS Match.'

The project features objects she has found around her home -- many of which include children's toys, such as dinosaur figurines, LEGO heads and toy guns.
She also matches flowers growing in her neighbourhood and food with their equivalent pantone paint chip. Somehow she manages to match the colors to a tee with every single object. The collection of photos is still growing, so I can't wait to see if her explicit matching skills continue.