P850 Luminaire Features High Quality LEDs and Effective Ventilation

 - Dec 10, 2013
References: cuphosco & yankodesign
Most people probably don't stop to think about the streetlights as they pass them on the road, but CU Phosco is doing this and coming up with far superior freeway-illuminating solutions. The advanced design of the P850 Luminaire offers intensity, long life, energy efficiency and relatively easy installation with existing infrastructure.

The most brilliant feature behind these streetlamps is the Luxeon M LEDs that have been worked in with clever spacing to emit sufficient light without the units overheating. To encourage the efficient functioning of the P850 Luminaire, linear PCBs have been integrated to keep the components cool, plus a thorough ventilation system encourages the intake of cool air underneath and the expulsion of hot air from above.