Dad Would Be Proud of My Threesome

 - Jun 7, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
Dubbed movies take away the important audio connection we have with celebrities, which is particularly frustrating when the actor is famous with a well known voice. But you know what's worse than dubbing? Out of sync dubbing! These ads for Herbert Richers dubbing services show you how out of sync dubbing can change the story and ruin the movie.

Take for example a threesome scene with a guy looking over at two girls making out while a dubbed voice proclaims, "If my dad could see me now. He'd be so proud!" Another ad shows a classic chick fight at the bar while you hear a loving "he's the man of my life" in the background. The last one doesn't really work for me as "Don't make any sudden moves" fits pretty well with the arresting ad, even though the intention is a rather cheeky sexual reference.

In general, I like the art direction and execution by Publicis ad agency, Brazil.