This OKCupid Date Story Takes a Duo Around the World

 - Nov 13, 2013
References: salon & refinery29
In a new love story for the ages, Clara Benson tells Slate how an OKCupid date took her around the globe. Though initially convinced that they made the "World's Most Unlikely Pair," Clara agreed to adventure through eight countries in 21 days with a man she'd just met -- a lively and spontaneous (clearly) university professor named Jeff. What's more, the impromptu nature of the journey allowed for very few essentials. The pair only had the clothes on their backs, a toothbrush, an iPhone and a map.

Rather than exchange small talk over lattes, the duo got to know each other in the midst of a hitch-hiking expedition through Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Sarajevo and Budapest. Travel is certainly a catalyst that speeds up the typical getting-to-know-you process, so forgo your typical dinner date, embrace the spirit of conviviality and embark on a cross country road-trip instead. Though I don't know where these two end up, it's a bohemian fantasy come to life.