The Octopax Soccer Cleat is Inspired by the Undersea Anomaly

 - Jan 10, 2012
References: newleveldesign & yankodesign
The Octopax soccer cleat is very likely the only octopus-inspired soccer cleat ever created. This unique cleat uses an octopus’ tentacles as design inspiration, and was created by Tobin Dorn.

Dorn’s Octopax soccer cleat does not squirt ink or affix to opposing players. The shoe’s octopus genes are evident on its sole. The front part of the shoe’s sole has an octopus-inspired pattern with eight "tentacles" shooting out. The tentacles are functional as they work with the shoe’s air pockets and provide space for its grips.

It seems like shoe companies are continually coming up with new ways to make athletic shoes lighter and perform better. Perhaps companies need to start focusing on the undersea life to create awesome and cutting-edge designs like the Octopax soccer cleat. Could you imagine a shark-inspired basketball shoe from Nike?