CarbonVisuals Illustrates the Horrifying NYC Daily Carbon Footprint

 - Nov 25, 2012
References: carbonvisuals & mashable
In order to get the citizens of New York to see clearly how much greenhouse gas their city emits on an everyday basis, CarbonVisuals created a NYC Daily Carbon Footprint visual.

The video looks at the bustling Big Apple’s CO2 emissions, which have been under scrutiny. It’s obvious that all those vehicles crowding the streets of New York, the factories and big office buildings are going to create air pollution, but most New Yorkers don’t know the magnitude of harm they are causing.

Each blue bubble in the video represent a 33 foot sphere that is comprised of one ton of CO2 gas. The bubbles pile up to show that if greenhouse gases were solid, each day they would literally take over New York city streets. The NYC Daily Carbon footprint leaves people with a very haunting image. Reiterating what it stated in the beginning of the video that in "2010 New York City added over 54 million metric tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere."