The Self-Mending Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone Case

Nissan has now contributed to the durable world of Apple by taking a leaf out of its auto manufacturing techniques to announce the first ever self-mending Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone Case. Not only is it constructed using ABS plastic making it a tightly-fitted case, but it can fix itself. The paint used on the case is made of up of the same chemicals that have been put towards painting Nissan and Infiniti vehicles so that any disturbances in the coating will heal and return the phone's appearance back to normal.

It is no secret that the average individual wishes to keep their cellular device (especially their smartphone) looking as new as possible and though one buys a case to protect the phone from scratches, having a brand new phone wearing a brand new-looking case would be even more satisfactory. The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone Case will have phones everywhere dressed to impress.