Nike Spoof Ads Get a Non-Conformist Makeover in Unswooshing

 - Nov 23, 2011
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Branding and marketing are important aspects for any company, yet Nike spoof ads -- a phenomena commonly referred to as Unswooshing -- are undermining the clothing giant's attempt for your affection.

Nike spoof ads are just one of the many ways that anti-conformists, anti-consumerists and the people heading up the 'Occupy' movements want to subvert the marketing tactics of big businesses. Nike is a dominant international conglomerate that puts big money into advertising and branding its many products, so when a slew of spoof ads began to hit the Internet, the company couldn't do much but sit back and take in all the criticism. The ads are comedic and in good fun, such as the Tiger Woods "swoosh smile" and the tagline "Just Douche It."

The ads represent a growing sentiment that consumers feel like they are prey, or "a herd of sheep," enslaved to Nike's influential advertising, marketing and branding campaigns which have a global reach.