This Netflix Infographic Shows What Americans Watch By State

 - Jul 13, 2011
References: slacktory & gizmodo
By compiling information from users, this Netflix infographic intuitively shows what movies Americans enjoy most by state. If you’re at all familiar with American geography, you’ll notice an interesting trend: Americans tend to watch films which revolve around the state they live in.

For instance, the Netflix Infographic users from Ohio seem to have disproportionately ordered the movie ‘The Oh in Ohio.’ Subscribers from Montana seem to love ‘Montana Sky.’ New Yorkers, more often than not, ordered the anthology film ‘New York Stories,’ while movie-watchers in Kansas opted instead to see ‘What’s the Matter with Kansas?’

In fact, the only state whose inhabitants didn’t feel the need to wax their hometown pride is Mississippi. Instead, natives of the southern state chose to rent ‘Beverly Hills Chihauhau.’ Really, Mississippi, really?