MYBrain + Enlightenment

 - Mar 26, 2008
Here at Trend Hunter, we always bring you creative out-of-the-box designs. And these two unique lamps are certainly not your usual boring table lamps.

The MYBrain lamp is literally a replica of the designer's brain. Using an MR scan of his own brain, designer Alexander Lervik processed the image through a 3D-printer and turned it into this unique lamp shade design. His brain must be bright!

The Enlightenment lamp is creatively created in the shape of a book entitled, you guessed it, "The Enlightenment." It's not a heavy book, it's a light book. The Enlightenment is made of white Plexiglas and is supplied with a 9 watt energy-saving lamp. As an added bonus, by purchasing The Enlightenment lamp you will be supporting educational projects by a charitable organization which will mean a brighter future of enlightenment for many.