The Mr.Fish Stall Keeps the Daily Catch Compartmentalized and Clean

 - Jan 7, 2014
You must always prepare yourself for an intense aromatic range when visiting a fish market; however, the Mr.Fish Stall may make a bit of a difference to the consumers who aren't accustomed to the oceanic odor. Designed by Lin Min-Yi and Li Rih-Yan, this is a selling stand that helps fishmongers to organize their goods and keep much of the mess under control and off of the ground.

The winner of a 2013 Red Dot Design Award, this concept comprises a countertop with a ledge for a cutting board. Beneath this is a removable bin for waste, and beside it is a built-in weigh scale. Several basket-like containers in the Mr.Fish Stall can hold various types of scrumptious sea creatures. These can even be used as carriers from the fishermen's pickup sites.