Mr. Picker Collects Loose Balls That You've Scattered Over the Green

 - Mar 8, 2014
I can see how the Mr. Picker would be easily adopted by golfing culture, given that it isn't the most physically active of sports. For those times when your group's balls need collecting and you'd rather not jump back into the golf cart to do it, just activate this robot and set it out to tidy up the green.

Pengfei Li worked with Fiona Lesecq, Victor Martini and a few digital designers to develop and render this concept device. It would integrate sensors to locate the little dimpled spheres and opening arms to draw them all inside. A wheel within would guide the golf balls up and into the tank of the Mr. Picker, which would then bring the lot of them back to its charging base. The gadget would even function as a light-up target for off-the-green games.