The Monster Light Disc Audio Dock was Inspired by the Aesthetic of TRON

 - Jan 22, 2014
References: amazon & tuvie
In addition to its generally cool-looking appeal, the Monster Light Disc Audio Dock may entice your further because it reminds you of a cult movie. This futuristic docking station is the TRON edition, inspired by the glowing blue disks from the Tron Legacy film.

The smartphone speaker stand has been given a ring-shaped design with the core as the cradle for your handset. It supplies a 30-pin hookup so that you can plug your device directly into it. A few buttons on the gadget give you the option of interacting with the product itself or with the external remote. The Monster Light Disc Audio Dock functions best with a devoted TRON app installed so that the sound system and iPhone stand can maximize your music listening experience.