The MiiPC Puts All the Power In the Hands of Parents

 - Mar 27, 2013
References: kickstarter & miipc
Now that nearly every household has a computer and Internet access, the squabbles between children and parents have become increasingly focused on issues of web surfing freedoms and how much time can be spent on Facebook, but a compact computing device called the MiiPC may be making this whole situation much more simple, for parents at least.

Using Android technology, the MiiPC is a lightweight entertainment system that can be connected to a computer or TV screen. Although useful for youths and small children, the MiiPC can also be used by many other family members by setting up different accounts on the system.

The real benefit of the MiiPC is for parents, because by using a downloadable app they will be able to set web browsing guidelines, monitor and even restrict where their children are visiting on the Internet.