- Jan 2, 2008
References: biz.yahoo & slipperybrick
How about a plug and play projector that is palm sized? How cool is that?

Microvision has a patented mini display that will project DVD quality images from one to eight feet large. So picture this, you download your favorite DVD or TV program, or hook your iPod to this gadget and then play it anywhere there is a flat surface for the image.

"Consumers want better display solutions that will enrich their experience in watching TV, videos and movies, in playing games, and in browsing the web from their cell phones and other mobile devices," Microvision's President and CEO, Alexander Tokman said.

"While mobile multi-media subscription services are on the rise, handset manufacturers, content providers and service providers view tiny cell phone displays as a barrier to stronger consumer adoption of their products and services. With Microvision's SHOW you could view and share everything ranging from YouTube videos, MSN newscasts, and Google search results to PowerPoint presentations, feature-length films, and family photos in a large, full-color, hi-resolution format instead of a 2-inch, QVGA display."

This is going to be hot, hot, hot.