R. Tanake Captures Stunning Images of Natural Minerals & Crystals

 - Mar 13, 2013
References: flickr & visualnews
Japanese photographer R. Tanake specializes in a very unique area of photography called photomicroscopy. He photographs minerals and crystals in nature and focuses his work on organic-metallic chemistry and crystallography.

Recognizing the beauty that is present in nature within any scale is an admirable characteristic of an artist. Tanake takes this perspective to a whole new level and explores the intricate forms of natural elements the human eye is unable to see within his artistic pursuit.

He showcases these gorgeous forms and their similarity to structures people are used to seeing in larger, sensible scales. Some of his captures resemble landscapes while others resemble forests, animal shells and even cityscapes.

Observing the colors and shapes of the elements he shoots is remarkable. His artistry does not key in on the angle that he shoots his subjects from but rather, his very recognition of the beauty in them.