Mia Tyler's Attempted Suicide, Cutting

 - Aug 27, 2008
References: kget
Suicide is a story we hear all too often among the rich and famous (unfortunately, regular young people as well), and one we really cannot wrap our brains around. Why would someone so successful, so young, and so beloved by millions, contemplate committing suicide, let alone attempt it? Last night on ET, once plus-size model and daughter of Steven Tyler, Mia Tyler, will discuss the day she almost committed suicide, which will be fully detailed in her book, Creating Myself.

Mia will also discuss her obsession with cutting, an issue of growing concern among young people today, especially women. It is a form of self-mutilation that other well known people have practiced; Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Fiona Apple, Courtney Love, and even Princess Dianna, just to name a few.

According to a New York Times report, dated May 6, 2008, experts say that cutting is a growing trend among teenagers and young adults.

Although it doesn’t need to be said, cutting is a practice that we do not want to see grow anymore than it has already. It is also hoped that when celebs like Mia, ‘come out’ with their thoughts of suicide and self-mutilation, that it inspires others who feel the same way to get help, rather than encourage or promote the behavior.