The Mentirosa Chair Invites You to Take One of Many Askew Positions

Despite the fact that the majority of seating objects are designed and assembled to be as symmetrical as possible, many people choose to take postures that are anything but balanced. By offering an irregular surface, the MentirĂ²sa Chair caters to this tendency to slump to one direction or to recline sideways.

Designed by Italy's Filippo Francescangeli, in collaboration with Devoto, this piece features all of the necessities of a comfortable perch, yet they're configured unfamiliarly. One armrest is much lower and longer than the other and the backrest slopes from right to left. The MentirĂ²sa Chair seems to encourage you to take a seat, to swivel slightly and to lounge upon its boldly patterned surface with your legs angled one way and your opposite elbow for support.