This Handheld Meat Tenderizer Makes It Easier to Enjoy Steak

'Yoshiharu Cutlery Co.' recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a handheld meat tenderizer that makes it easier to enjoy steak at home. When buying steak, the inexpensive options are often less tender than the more high-quality cuts. This device helps to tenderize tough streak so that consumers don't have to break the bank for a delicious piece of meat.

'niXaX' is a user-friendly meat tenderizer that helps to improve the taste and texture of a less-expensive cut of steak. Unlike other steak tenderizers, niXaX is easy for anyone to operate safely. The device features blades that are arranged in an X-shaped design, which enables users to criss-cross holes in the meat. As a result, the blade cuts through the tough connective tissue and leaves behind a tender cut of steak.

The device is perfect for those who love to cook steak at home, but don't want to spend extra for pricey cuts of meat.