The M-Bamboo Table & M-Bench is Simple and Contemporary

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: jennifernewman & design-milk
Furniture doesn't get as simple as the M-Bamboo Table & M-Bench. A match made in heaven, the two complement each other in form without going too overboard. For instance, while their overall shape is identical save for size, the table is hollow and airy while the bench is strong and solid.

Designed by Jennifer Newman Studio, the M-Bamboo Table & M-Bench also have another defining difference between them. Both may be crafted out of powder-coated aluminum, but the table has the added bamboo surface that gives it a beautiful natural touch.

Available in three sizes to accommodate two, three or four people for the outdoor version, the M-Bamboo Table & M-Bench also has an indoor version that accommodates up to five people.