ITunes 3D Visualizer- Magnetosphere

 - Apr 9, 2008
References: software.barbariangroup
I've been a fan of the Barbarian Group for a while, one of the hottest interactive ad agencies out there. But with the beta release of their iTunes visualizer, called the 'Magnetosphere', they have absolutely obliterated the paradigm for what an 'agency does'. I mean i can't stop looking at the thing.

You can download the visualizer as it stands now from the URL below, but their now taking it to the next level. (refer to the embedded video on this post)

As if making mind boggling imagery move to music perfectly wasn't enough, they've now figured out how to have the program decipher the lyrics of the tracks and integrate them directly in the visualization. WTF!

It's out of control, and quite honestly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

I got stoned, turned it on and found myself 3 hours later in the fetal position, crying.

As they say on their site, "No words. No... words... to describe it. They should have sent a poet..."
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