Growing Food On-the-Way

“Made in Transit” is a new packaging concept where food production and distribution go hand in hand. 'Made in Transit' proposes to shift the paradigm from preserving freshness to enabling growth along the way, a shift from 'best before' to 'ready by' for perishable goods. Growing food during the distribution chain would mean the produce is ready for harvesting at arrival at the consumer's home.
The concept is applied to a new system of mushroom cultivation embedded within the distribution network, shifting the role of distribution from slowing down the process of post-harvest deterioration to enabling growth and involving the consumer to harvest at the point of consumption.

The burning question of course is which commodities will benefit from the Made in Transit concept. At the moment the (agricultural) University of Wageningen/Holland is chomping at the bit to develop this process further with the initiator of the concept Agata Jaworska.

In the dog-eat-dog world of Dutch mushroom farming, magically transforming freight trucks into (let's just be naïve) organic mobile farms, eliminating the need for independent growing spaces and (ahem) labour, is nothing short of a paradigm shift.