This Luxury Shoe Line Seeks to Empower Young Women

Marc Fisher recently teamed up with model Karlie Kloss to produce a luxury shoe line called 'Marc Fisher Ltd.' While many brands focus on producing inexpensive products, this new line uses the highest-quality materials available.

The luxury shoe line not only places an emphasis on quality butalso seeks to serve a greater purpose. Fisher teamed up with Kloss to support her charity 'Kode with Karlie.' The organization provides scholarships for young women to enroll in computer science classes and learn about programming. Those who purchase the shoes are encouraged to share their stories online and use the hashtag '#MAKEYOURMARC' as a means of raising awareness about the charity. Fisher also promises to donate a dollar to the charity each time the hashtag is used.

The new campaign demonstrates how brands can team up with models and other public figures to support a good cause.