The Orca Lounge Furniture is Luxuriously Harmonious and Indulgent

 - May 29, 2013
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Working in collaboration with Tuuli Sotamaa, Kivi Sotamaa of Sotamaa Finnish design studio created the Orca lounge furniture design, a luxurious piece that takes its style from the whale it is named after.

Two different surface textures come together to create a harmonious yin-yang effect, the black being the plush and cushioning relaxation side while the white is the glossy and hard side. Not just a casual cushion, the dark expanse contorts and forms to the body, changing its shape based on the weight and position of the person relaxing on it. The harder surface is like a built-in coffee table upon which books, beverages and food can be placed for easy reach.

Transform a room into a zen experience with the Orca lounge furniture design.