Lightweight Gadget Companions for Fall Travel

 - Sep 12, 2012
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With fall on its way and the smell of Pina Coladas and cold beer on a patio slowly fading, the idea of a quick getaway sounds all too tempting. For those savvy enough to have saved for an autumn trip, the choices on destination can be overwhelming, but these lightweight gadget companions will at least keep the worry of a hefty suitcase down to a minimum. From iPads to portable chargers, these devices allow jet setters to relive those warm weather months without the stress of heavy baggage.

After jumping off the plane and arriving at your sunny destination, you suddenly realize your camera was left behind. While some may consider this an absolute travesty, those with the latest model of the iPhone 4S know perfectly well they can continue to enjoy and document their vacation in style. Not only is this gadget capable of downloading the best apps around, but the camera is so crystal clear it rivals even the most high-tech cameras. No need for a bulky strap straining your neck while looking like the ultimate tourist. The iPhone 4S slips right into your pocket or purse and weighs next to nothing.

After your significant other has snapped that gorgeous beach picture of you running through sand so white it’s almost blinding, you come back only to find that the handy iPhone 4S has run out of batteries. Last time you checked beaches were seriously lacking outlets for chargers, so what options do you have other than running back to the hotel? The ChargeCard is ideal for those on the go who don’t have time to charge their gadgets. This device is wallet or purse-sized (depending on your preference), and slips directly into your iPhone for a quick boost. No outlets needed, and you can continue frolicking while capturing every minute.

You return from a gorgeous day at the beach. The pictures turned out great, but now you face a four-hour bus ride to your next sunny destination with little to no entertainment. Luckily, your significant other purchased the iPad 3 so these longer journeys are filled with the hottest new releases and apps. The retina display on this device presents images clearer than that crystal blue water you experienced during the day, and you can even direct it through voice. Instead of typing out your email describing how awesome your vacation is so far, dictate out loud and give your fingers a break. Arrive at your next destination feeling refreshed and ready for another day in the sun.

Now you are ready to capture everything your vacation has to offer on camera, and although the iPhone 4S has done a great job so far, you are looking for something closer to DSLR features. Most professional cameras weigh more than your own bodyweight, so finding one that fits neatly into your bag and can be lugged around all day is quite the challenge. Before you left on your fall getaway, however, a friend told you about the Sony NEX 5N, which presents all the amazing qualities of a DSLR camera, only this item weighs half as much. You head off on your tour of tropical jungles and wilderness without missing a moment.

After saving up for a fall vacation of a lifetime, it’s critical to catch every moment. However, the last thing you want is to feel weighed down by technology. These gadgets offer the best way to document your trip while keeping strain off your handbag. With these devices, you can always have plenty of room for souvenirs on the way home.