The 1kg Laptop

 - Mar 4, 2006   Updated: May 18 2011
References: gizmodo
Laptops are getting smaller and lighter. As if I had to tell you that was a trend. Still, it's cool to see that the new LG Xnote TX is less than 2.4 pounts. It's so thin it makes me hungry.

Implications - The notebook only weighs 1.1kg (roughly 2.4 pounds) and sports a 12.1 inch WXGA 1280x800 screen which means if you're looking for portability, this is it. It's also got 1.3 GHz Pentium-M ULV 773, a 60-gig hard drive and a gigabyte of RAM.

The LG Xnote TX is perfect for those who are constantly on-the-go. It may not support video games too well, but overall, the specs should provide you with more than enough for other uses.