The Leo Burnett for DIRECTV Ads are a Reinvention of Classic Films

 - May 17, 2011
References: xombiedirge.tumblr & adsoftheworld
Appealing to pop culture and bilingual speakers, the Leo Burnett for DIRECTV ads are sure to speak to a wide audience. Using popular, well-known figures with simple and direct modifications in their appearance, the ads are clear in their message even without the included captioning.

Promoting DIRECTV’s ability to provide customers with their favorite movies in any language they want, the iconic images of the figures are modified to a specific culture. The Darth Vader ad has incorporated a Japanese emperor-like head piece along with the classic mask. Appealing to movie lovers and multilingual people, the Leo Burnett for DIRECTV ads are clear enough even for those who speak very little English.

With such iconic movies as Star Wars and V for Vendetta, the Leo Burnett for DIRECTV ads will most definitely speak to a large audience.