- Feb 4, 2008
References: ilaniowear
Leggie-legs are the brand new fashion item inspired by an odd combination of 1960's bell bottoms and 1980's leg warmers. The designers spin these major trends from these eras together while giving them a funky and modern twist.

Leggie-legs are featured on Ilaniowear.com, a site with nine different styles to suit your lifestyle needs and changing moods. Each piece comes with a creative name: Copperhead, Northern Lights, Anemone, Earthdancer, White Rabbit, Care Bare, Limelight, Gabbarella and Glitterbot.

Take a look at the complete Leggie-legs collection on their site which also offers additional fashions like coats, sleeves, vests, dresses and hot pants, all of them in a zero to fancy style.