Le Grand Queen Bathtub is Contemporary to Dinosaurs

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: caijou & designbuzz
Nothing says "I'm wealthy beyond all reason" like buying Le Grand Queen Bathtub. It is made of petrified wood dug up in Indonesia from the Jurassic period. Enough said.

Of course there is more, because a great deal of work was undertaken to transform the prehistoric tree into a luxury tub, for instance it took 200 people more than 600,000 hours to even excavate the 10 ton trunk out of the earth. A 3.5 ton section of the core was salvaged in order to sculpt the expensive lumber soaker to a design by Simon Krapf in the image of an Indonesian bangka canoe. Meticulous care was taken to mill and polish the piece by hand. One can only be left wondering how much Caijou is charging for the exorbitant Le Grand Queen Bathtub.