The Lars Brandt Stisen's Video Pops Out at Spectators

 - Sep 29, 2012
References: maddocman & schonmagazine
Lars Brandt Stisen's series of stereoscopic 3D pictures are being displayed at his 'Frozen in Time' exhibit. Those privy to the show get to see the images through the lenses of 3D glasses, similar to the viewing process that characterizes geometric films.

Stisen's fans are transported through the pictures as they pop out of the frames. The Berlin native has a deeply engrained passion for photography, beginning early on in his childhood when he personally constructed a cardboard camera. This passion is evident in the elegantly blurred series.

A customized camera was used to produce Frozen in Time. Called the 'Stereo Eins,' similar devices were once used in Germany's former eastern block, imbuing the installation with historical and political import.