The Klingon Rosetta Stone Lets Readers Learn to Speak Space

 - Apr 3, 2014
References: youtube & neatorama
The Klingon Rosetta Stone will help all Trekkies the world over learn how to speak the aggressive language of the galaxy’s most feared race. The Klingon Rosetta Stone handbook will give literal translations and modules to help readers capture the essence of the Klingon race, while also learning the intricacies of the intergalactic language.

Those who have watched Star Trek will understand that Klingon sounds like one of the most complex and vicious languages ever spoken; the intricate calligraphy to go along with it doesn’t make it any easier either. With Rosetta Stone, Trekkies will essentially have a guidebook to brush up on their ridiculous sounding tongue rolls.

While Klingons are some of the most popular villains in modern sci-fi. It turns out they have a sense of humor as well, considering this book is an elaborate April Fool's joke. It just goes to show that you can be feared the world over but being funny is still important.