Katie Shapiro's Photos Allude to Medical Testing

 - Dec 1, 2014
References: katieshapiro & featureshoot
Katie Shapiro, a master's candidate in photography at the University of California - Irvine, captured these photographs to express her feelings of confusion and displacement at the idea of medical testing. Her project is titled 'There is ever anything conclusive, just an endless series of tests.' This title is taken from the Lorrie Moore book 'Self Help,' which addresses the anxiety and confusion induced by medical testing.

The photographs experiment with disoriented photograms and studio-based processes to confuse and confound the viewer and provoke thought on the subject of medical testing.

Katie Shapiro's photos are highly disorienting but they have one thing in common -- all the photos project a scientific, laboratory-like energy, reminding the viewer of x-rays and medical equipment.

"The results of these photographic experiments are uncertain, yet I am driven by intuition and play."