The Slant-Sided Katana Modular Table Offers a Range of Abstract Arrangements

 - Feb 4, 2013
References: oildesignlab & designspotter
It might seem as though a perfectly rectangular table is ideal for any room with four walls, yet the use of the Katana Modular Table demonstrates otherwise. Given that people walk throughout even the most rigid of spaces with fluid and organic trajectories, it makes sense that our furnishings should be configured to complement more natural interior circulation.

Designed by Yoann Henry Yvon and Giacomo Sicuro for O.I.L, this multifunctional working and eating surface takes the shape of a trapezoid. With two inward-angled edges, the Katana Modular Table can be placed adjacent to one or two others of its kind, enabling you to arrange straight rows of tables, slightly crooked ones, or groupings that form L-shapes to best suit different rooms and activities.